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Hilliard Martial Arts Center
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"Preparation is the key to survival. Prepare
today; survive tomorrow."


"Many have the will to survive; few have the will to train to survive."

JCS Survival, LLC, has been formed to combine the experience and assets of law enforcement, military, and martial arts combat instructors. The goal is to provide law enforcement, military, security, and civilian personnel, located in the Central Ohio area, with the most effective threat awareness, physical assault prevention, and combat skills training available. I believe in empowering our students with the skill, confidence, combat mindset, and warrior spirit needed to protect themselves from a determined attacker or attackers. With our nation being under the continued threat of terrorist assault, and criminal attack ever present, this has never been more important. None of us know what fate may send our way. It is up to each of us to train and empower ourselves; empower ourselves with the knowledge and skill needed to halt the actions of and prevent a violent attacker or terrorist from harming you, your family, or fellow Americans. The time to develop your threat awareness and combat skills is now. J.C.S. Survival Instructors specialize in developing and tailoring courses to meet the needs of each client. From threat awareness and crime prevention safety seminars, Ohio Concealed Carry training, to physically demanding assault prevention classes. In addition, weekly training classes are devoted to the needs of Central Ohio Law Enforcement professionals. JCS Survival training center and business offices are located in Columbus, Ohio. Please review class offerings and contact us with further questions. Thank you for visiting

Be safe,

Instructor John Holloway

JCS Survival, LLC

Columbus, Ohio

E-mail fsical address

Phone: 614/ 302-9764         

E-mail (


  • Firearms Safety & Concealed Carry Class (12-14hours) ----------- Class one: (see top of page)


  • Womens Self Defense & Assault Prevention Class (3.25 hours) ------ Class one: (Sunday) June 24th, 2012             /       Class two: (Sunday) July 29th, 2012                 /     Course Fee: $20.00

  • RIFLE-- Urban Self-defense Rifle/Carbine Training (8 hours) ------ Class one: (Saturday) June 23rd, 2012          /        Class two: (Saturday) July 28th, 2012                /    Course Fee: $95.00

Charity Fund Raising Classes! 

If you would like a fun and valuable class fund-raiser opportunity please contact me. I have run fund-raising classes for PTO's and Church groups in the past. These primarily being Women's Assault Prevention Classes. Normally, I do a 50/50 split of the total course fees collected.  


Please e-mail or call to be registered for class. I will e-mail you a registration form or complete registration on the phone. Thank you.



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