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Instructor John Holloway has had training in various martial arts and combat systems since 1980. He attended Ohio State University and is a veteran of the United States Army Military Police Corp, having served in the Army Reserve from 1989 to 1997.

Instructor Holloway has been a Columbus, Ohio Police Officer since 1991. He has been involved in, and is familiar with violent encounters, including the use of deadly force. From September of 2001 to 2012, he held a full time assignment as an ordnance and firearms instructor for a nearly 2,000 police officer department. Prior to this date he has held assignments with a street crime enforcement team, in the Detective Bureau, Defensive Tactics Unit, Narcotics Unit, and as a patrol officer. Currently he serves as a full time SWAT officer.

Instructor Holloway is certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission as a Basic Unit Instructor and in-service re-quailification instructor. Further, during the year 2012, Officer Holloway has been designated as a Training of Trainers Instructor in Shotgun and Pistol.
  Instructor number:
BAS20020 Exp. 03/25/2016.

He is also certified by OPOTC to instruct numerous subjects, including:

Administration subjects, Interview & Interrogation, Human relations (Crime Prevention, Handling the Special Needs Population, Communicating with the Public & the Media), Firearms, Subject Control Techniques, Patrol Unit, Civil Disorders (Crowd Control, Riot Formations; Chemical Agents), Traffic, and Investigation Unit.

In addition, he has training certification and/ or experience in the following areas:

Master Tubular Assault Instructor (727-CTTU)
Robbery Stakeout
Covert Surveillance (vehicle and foot)
Basic Hostage Negotiations
Narcotics Investigation
Dignitary Protection
SWAT Operations

Documentation and further training certifications will be provided upon request. 
Additional Instructors:
(If by circumstance I am unavailable to instruct or called away, one of the below  experienced and trusted instructors will teach portions of the class).
Shawn Lingofelter:
 Shawn Lingofelter began studying martial arts at the age of eight when his father enrolled him in combat karate. In 1991 he began Bujinkan training under the tutelage of Kyle Hayes in Indiana. Mr. Lingofelter was promoted to black belt in 1995 making him one of the youngest Bujinkan shodan in Indiana. In 1999 Mr. Lingofelter moved to Columbus Ohio and opened the Central Ohio Bujinkan Dojo with his longtime friend and training partner Tim Halbakken. Together the traveled to Japan and were honored with the title of Shidoshi of the Bujinkan dojo by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. Today, Mr. Lingofelter serves as a ten-year veteran of a central Ohio police department as a patrol officer and defensive tactics instructor. He also specializes in advanced patrol techniques as well as firearms (OPOTC Instructor: Pistol, Shotgun, rifle, and select-fire); high line assault and rope rescue and holds current certification as a Danger Zone Defensive Tactics instructor. 
Andy Rogerson:
Veteran Police Officer and OPOTC Firearms Instructor (Pistol, Shotgun, Patrol Rifle)


Remember our Soldiers who have sacrificed with their flesh and blood, and those whose lives where taken by the enemy.


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