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(Sorry- you just missed this class in 2012. Next seminar being scheduled for 2013)


Greetings LEO and Civilians!

Master Dan McConnell and myself, Police Instructor Officer John Holloway, will be teaching this two day class for both LEO and civilians. This will be a rare opportunity to be trained by a martial arts master and a street experienced cop.

A little about me. I am an OPOTA Certified Police and Security Instructor (see instructor page for details) and have been teaching officers and civilians various aspects of fighting skills for nearly twenty years. Including my time as a Military Police Officer in the Army reserve, I have 23 years of LEO experience.  I have trained in various martial arts since the age of ten.  Started carrying a pistol as a teenager to protect my mom as she worked at a Domestic Violence shelter. I have been in numerous conflicts of various degrees, including using deadly force, over the decades. I wish to bring this practical side of combatives to you as a student. No selling of a certain technique, just working on your fighting principles and improving your individual survival skills. The meat and potatoes of combatives!

The primary purpose of this course is to fine tune the combat skills you need to not just survive, but dominate a confrontation! Including developing your warrior spirit and mindset. I am forbidden by my department to teach certain things outside the “normal” guidelines; such as offensive knife usage and choking skills. There will be no guidelines here!

Equipment: bring what you wear! Civilians and Detectives, bring your plain cloth holsters and gear. Officers, bring what gear is most appropriate for you or you wish to try out, such as tactical vest or rifle plate carriers (we will not wear the gear the entire time, but you must know your capabilities and limitations while wearing it). Bring training pistols for your holster and rifles if you or your department has them. If not, contact me concerning your equipment needs. Please bring clean mat or running shoes.

Civilians! You must be approved by Master McConnell or myself to attend the class. Please be ready to provide a reference from a public safety official, community leader, or a copy of your Concealed Carry Permit.

Though it may ebb and flow based on class dynamics, the basic course outline is listed below.

For more information on Master McConnell, please visit

Stay healthy!

Officer John Holloway

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Course training includes the following subjects:

Day One: (Sign in/Liability waivers/ Safety rules/weapons check) (30min)

* Developing a fighting/warrior mindset. Police Use of Force Continuum. (30-45min)
* Balance displacement, subject control, and grounding skills. (90min)
* Police strikes and response to sudden assault. (90min)
* Weapon retention skills and Firearm disarming skills. Including long guns.(90-120min)

Day Two:
* Surviving a Critical Incident and its aftermath (Use of Deadly force) (45-60min)
* Day one skills review/ warm up. (45-60min)
* Edge weapons Usage and Defense. (90min)---We will show methods on how to properly use the various "police utility” knife—police are generally not shown how to use a knife offensively. Of course defense against a edge weapon attacker as well.
* Personal Emergency Fighting Techniques. ---Flesh grabs and tears, Eye gouging, biting, chokes, improvised weapons.
* Defeating the ground fighting attack & hold escapes. (2-3hrs)---Though we will review common ground fighting attacks, we will not teach ground fighting per se, but focus on immediately defeating an attack.* Tactical First Aid – We will discuss and show equipment for self and buddy aid concerning Gunshot wounds and severe bleeding injuries. Master McConnell is a TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medic)
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