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Police Counter Assault
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Though much can be learned through traditional martial arts training, this Police Combat System of training is designed to provide the law enforcement and military professional with the specific advanced martial arts/combat skills training needed to meet the threat of violent physical and armed assaults.

It is the blending of the "meat and potatoes" of various martial arts and combat systems studied by the instructors. More importantly, through experience, the instructors know firsthand what combat mindset, physical skills, officer safety tactics, and training are necessary to survive violent physical and armed assaults.

Furthermore, as full-time police officers, the instructors understand that time is a limited resource and that officers need a concise form of training to develop the skills that will help them survive today, not after years of study.

Surviving a violent confrontation is much more than learning "self-defense moves". Police Combat Training will focus on developing your threat awareness, combat mindset, and warrior spirit, in addition to physical conditioning. Instructors will review effective police tactics, discuss and study the physiological and psychological effects of being in police-related combat, and how to control your reactions by using your natural instincts to your advantage.

Training focuses on principals of combat and goal orientation, the ultimate goal being officer survival. Specific area training will compliment and build upon each other.

Areas of training will focus on: responding to sudden attacks, effective combat striking, firearms weapons retention, weapon disarming skills, fighting with firearms, impact weapons skills and defense, offensive use of knives and knife assault defense, trapping and grabbing, balance displacement, subject control and pressure points, chokes and choking skills, joint locks and breaks, ground fighting skills, multiple attackers, combat use of firearms, use of your environment, and utilizing improvised weapons. The most important part, however, will be in developing a warrior spirit. We will discuss the physiological and psychological effects of being involved in combat and how to direct and control your reactions. In addition, we will discuss and learn about aspects of, as well as, the philosophy of the warrior and protector classes throughout history.

Though training will have a common foundation in conditioning and principals, instructors will focus on skills that will enhance the individual student. This will be accomplished by maximizing the individual's strengths and limiting their weaknesses. The end goal will be to increase your chance of surviving violent conflicts.

As a law enforcement professional, you have entered a violent world. Remember, we are a culmination of our past choices. How you prepare today, how you condition your body, and how you develop your fighting mindset and warrior spirit will dictate your future. Your future is in your hands. Please train smart, train hard, and stay healthy.

Classes are held at:

The Central Ohio Bujinkan Dojo
1880 Tamarack Circle-S
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Tuesday: 12:00 AM to 2:00PM
Thursday: 12:00 PM to 2:00PM

NOTICE: Currently classes are on hold. 

To register for training or request further information, go to the Home Page and use appropriate links or call listed number.

Thank you for your interest.

Stay healthy and keep training,

Instructor John Holloway



JCS Survival offers a two day, sixteen hour law enforcement training seminar. Your Department may host this seminar. Seminars are periodically held at JCS Survival's local training center.

Course training includes the following subjects:
Day One:
* Developing a survival mindset.
* Balance displacement, subject control, and grounding skills.
* Police strikes and response to sudden assault.
* Edge weapons awareness & assaults.
Day Two:
* Surviving a Critical Incident (Use of Deadly force)
* Day one skills review.
* Weapon retention skills.
* Firearm disarming skills.
* Defeating the ground fighting attack & hold escapes.

Other training includes decision making ("force on force") scenario-based training. Please contact me with your other Division training needs.



This 8-hours of physically demanding training is designed to meet the needs of the S.W.A.T. & Narcotic Entry Team Operator. This course will develop and hone the Entry Operators subject control and fighting skills. This course focuses on the hand to hand combat skills necessary when lethal force is not warranted or when the use of the firearm is not tactically sound. Officers trained in this area will reduce their individual and agency liability. This class is open to and will benefit non-entry team officers.


* CQB Long-gun and Sidearm retention skills.
* CQB Long-gun & Handgun Disarming Skills.
* CQB Individual & Team Physical Control Tactics.
* CQB Controlling & grounding of passive resistant subjects.
* CQB Controlling & subduing aggressive subjects.
* CQB Force on Force Scenario Training.
* CQB Incident Review.