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May 2012 Concealed Carry Class

Firearms Safety and Concealed Handgun License Class



Ohio Concealed Carry Certification Training

LOCATION:   Pickerington, Ohio

SATURDAY-   Classroom: 9:30AM- 5:30PM (Logos Bible Church. 623 Hill Road, Pickerington,Ohio) 

SUNDAY-  Range: 1PM to 5PM (Briar Rabbit Shooting Sports)

This training class will meet & exceed the State of Ohio requirements needed to obtain a valid Ohio Concealed Carry Permit.
Training will consist of ten hours of classroom covering the legal aspects of C.C.W., legal use of force issues, safe firearms and ammunition handling, safe firearm storage, concealed carry methods, environmental threat awareness, survival mindset, tactical anatomy, and defensive combat use of the handgun.
In addition, two to four hours of range training and live fire experience will be conducted. Students will be given a written and practical test. Students will receive the "Ohio Concealed Carry Law" handout, Certificate of Completion, and a General Affidavit attesting to your receipt of training.

Even if you do not intend to carry a firearm, this course will give you an understanding of the self-defense use of firearms, how firearms function, and how to develop safe firearms handling skills.

Upon registration, students will be provided a list of needed equipment. Students are encouraged to bring the firearm they intend to carry, appropriate holster, and a 150 rounds of  ammunition (100 minium-200 recommended). I will have several types of concealment holsters available for examination. In addition, if you do not have a handgun available, I have various handguns available for use or familiarization free of charge (Please make prior arrangements to assure availability).

Next Classes:

Due to great interest, I am organizing a CCW class on the above date. If interested, please call me. Last minute sign ups welcomed. 

Thank you for your interest and be safe, John.

(Important: If a minimum of 20 students are not registered, I have the right to postpone or cancel the training. Refunds would be provided).

To register for above dates or to be notified of future classes, please contact JCS Survival, LLC by e-mail (, or phone (614/ 302-9764).
Please include the following information:

Date of Birth:
Years of Ohio residency:
County of Residence:
Contact phone number:

Thank you and be safe.


Cost:  $95.00 

Greetings students,
The Classroom portion of the CHL Class will be from 9:30AM to 5:30PM on Saturday. The class is scheduled to be held at The Logos Bible Church, 623 Hill Road-North,Pickerington, Ohio. Know that the State requires a minimum of 10 hours of classroom training and 2 hours of live fire training. All necessary classroom supplies will be provided. No live firearms or ammunition are permitted in the classroom. DO NOT bring them. We will not need them until the firearms range portion of the class on Sunday. If you have a holster, please bring it Saturday. We will plan a break for lunch between 12:00PM and 12:30PM. You will have 30 minutes for lunch. You may pack a lunch or venture out. The firearm portion is held on Sunday from 1PM to 5PM. The range is located at Briar Rabbit Shooting Sports, 2949 Granger Hill Road, Zanesville, Ohio ( You will need to bring your UNLOADED handgun to the range. Please leave the firearm in your vehicle until requested to retrieve it by the instructor. I recommend bringing the pistol you intend to carry or have for home defense. If you need a handgun for the course, I will provide one free of charge. We will make those arrangements during the class portion on Saturday. Plan on bringing 150 rounds of ammunition for the range. Please start looking for ammunition as soon as possible. Apparently, as with the last Presidential election, ammunition is starting to clear the shelves. Wal-mart and Meijer’s seems to have the best prices around Columbus and currently have the major calibers in stock. 380ACP is still scarce. If you are in need of 380ACP, I have a small stock pile and may be able to supply you with some. I will have 9mm, 40S&W, 38SPC, and 45ACP at my cost.Upon successful completion of the course, you will be provided a Certificate of Completion attesting to your training. These along with a completed application would then be brought to the Sheriff’s office for processing. This will be explained in further detail during the class.In regards to recent events concerning proper instruction; know that I am a certified Police firearms instructor and guarantee my training to meet State requirements. I am a full time police firearms instructor and tasked with providing certified training to over 1400 officers several times a year. I do not short cut the training and you will have to earn your certificate by passing a written test and demonstrating safe handling of the firearms during live fire exercises. You will also have to demonstrate the practical defensive use of your firearm during the range training (you are not expected to be an expert shot but will demonstrate the pragmatic self defense use of your pistol). You will also be introduced to more advanced shooting drills and movement drills as ability and time permit.Payment Information:If payment has not been paid to pre-registration date, please have cash or check payment ($95.00) available before Saturday’s class begins. Checks payable to John Holloway.  I look forward to meeting everyone on Saturday and providing each of you with excellent training. Please feel free to e-mail or call me with any concerns.
Thank you and be safe,
Officer John Holloway –Chief Firearms Instructor-JCS Survival, LLC-  Cell: 614/ 302-9764


Why having Your Concealed Carry License is Important?

The State of Ohio is recognizing the Constitutional rights of citizens to carry handguns concealed. It has recently passed a concealed handgun carry law allowing citizens with the proper training to apply for and receive such a permit. It is prudent for responsible Citizens of Ohio to receive the proper handgun safety and permit training and be able to protect them and loved ones from direct criminal attack. Crime has been reduced in other States that have passed similar laws. When criminals realize they may face serious harm or death when randomly victimizing citizens, they think twice. The vast majority of times a firearm is used in legitimate self-protection, a shot is never fired. The deterrent itself is enough to cause a would be attacker to flee.

Keep in mind, just as buying a hammer does not make you a carpenter, just carrying a gun, does not make you immune to violence or ready to face a violent criminal. You must mentally prepare and train properly in order to use a handgun safely and effectively to defend yours or another's life.

Empower yourself by mental preparation and training. It is your responsibility to prepare to deal with this threat of random crime, direct personal threats, and terrorism; thus protecting yourself and your family. By educating and training yourself in awareness, fighting skills, and combat use of a handgun, you will empower yourself with more options to deal with such a threat.


"Self-protection" has different meanings to different people. To some, it is learning crime prevention methods and participation in block watch organizations. To others, studying a martial arts, or carrying a gun.
Whatever you’re ideal is, please continue to educate and train yourself.
Please keep in mind you must develop your fighting spirit, be aware of your surroundings, and learn to overcome and use fear to your advantage.
If you are not properly mentally prepared, all the weaponry and martial skill will mean little against a determined attacker.

Remember, it will be you, and you alone, face to face with the mugger or thug in an alley; the serial rapist entering your bedroom. If you are aware, make yourself a "hard" target, you may avoid him altogether. If a face-to-face confrontation is unavoidable; develop the skills to be able to escape and call for help, your fighting spirit, and the aggressive combat fighting skills needed to survive a brutal attack. Empower yourself with choices!

If each of us take ownership of our personal safety, Ohio and our United States, will be a safer place for all who wish to live peacefully.