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Next Advanced Concealed Carry Class

     **Being Scheduled --- will be updated soon. please check back.***

12PM to 6PM
at Briar Rabbit Shooting Sports (

Course Fee: $75.00

Call or e-mail for further information or to sign up.

This is your next evolution in learning the defensive combat use of the handgun.

Upon completion of this course you will have a better understanding of the role of the handgun in your personal protection and will develop the skills and confidence to be able to effectively and quickly deploy and use the handgun during a life-threatening attack. This 6-hour block of training will focus on the following areas:

Firearm Safety and handling skills.
Shooting fundamentals/ Skill development.
Fighting Mindset & Weapon Retention Training.
Proper handgun concealment techniques.
Proper "quick" drawing and deployment of the handgun.
"Point" Shooting / "Instinct" Shooting skills.
Threat Recognition training.
Shot Avoidance and effective movement shooting.
Multiple threat shooting.
Varied Position Shooting (including from the ground (prone/and on back)). Use of cover/concealment
Vehicle Counter Ambush Options. Reloading Skills.
Weapons Malfunction Drills.

During the course the instructor will discuss tactics for dealing with various threat situations; including car jackings, muggings, and other various assault situations. 


Basic Equipment List:
  • Pistol*
  • Three magazines or speed loaders
  • Ammunition (300 rounds minimum/400+ preferred)**
  • Concealed Holster / Magazine Pouches
  • Water bottle / hydration system
  • Safety Glasses with side protection
  • Ball cap or similar head gear

*(Note: I do have a limited number of pistols & equipment available for class use. Rental cost: $10). 


**(Due to limited ammo supply and current cost, we will focus on quality over quantity. Missing Doesn't help! :-)). Please know this advanced training is ONLY open to current Concealed Handgun Permit Holders, person who have passed a basic firearms handling course, certified security officers, military, and law enforcement. Instructor approval is required. 


To register for above date(s) or to be notified of future classes, please contact JCS Survival, LLC by e-mail (, or phone (614/ 302-9764).
Please include the following information:

Date of Birth:
Years of Ohio residency:
County of Residence:
Contact phone number:

Thank you and be safe.