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Safety Tips
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As with most criminals, the lion looks for and stalks the easiest prey. The lion attacks the gazelle that is unaware and shows vulnerability. Would you be an easy "lunch"?



You must be alert and aware to avoid or effectively deal with a criminal assault. Criminals are predators and hunt for unaware and "easy" prey.

Color Code of awareness:

Condition WHITE -
Environmental Unawareness. "Zoned out". Easily ambushed.

Condition YELLOW -
State of general awareness. Relaxed, but alert to surroundings. You notice those around you. Head is up and scanning. (You hear the rustling of the bushes; the crushing of leaves...)

Condition ORANGE -
State of ALARM. Potential threat. You prepare a "what if" plan of action. Prepare mentally and tactically to meet perceived threat. (A stranger is walking deliberately towards you...)

Condition RED -
Direct threat. You are under attack (being robbed, mugged, under assault, ect.) and have no choice but to take action. Submit, posture, fight, or flight, these are your choices. (Suddenly, the strangers fist is swung towards your face...)

Condition BLACK -
PANIC!!! You freeze due to lack of preparation and environmental awareness!

One must be environmentally aware to prevent or survive an assault.

If you are in Condition "WHITE" state of awareness and attacked, you will most likely jump to Condition "BLACK". Lack of awareness and planning cause people to panic and "freeze".

Stay alert- Stay alive!



A Right to Resist Criminal Attack?

As law abiding citizens, we not only have the moral and legal right to prevent and resist criminal assault, we have an obligation; an obligation to protect ourselves and an obligation to protect our loved ones. No one has the right to harm you or your family.
As a well-trained, armed, and experienced police officer, I would gladly face an attacker for you. However, you must accept that you will be on your own and alone when you are robbed, sexually assaulted, beaten, or your child abducted. The obligation to protect yourself and your family lies solely with YOU! Once police have been notified of a crime in progress (remember, police can only enforce the law after it has been broken, this is, after you have been hurt!), they will respond as soon as possible. The best response time may be merely a few minutes, the worst, hours. And if the police are not immediately notified what then? Bottom line, at the onset of a criminal attack, it is just you and the criminal face-to-face. Ask yourself, what will you do in such an encounter? If the attacker wants your wallet or purse, so be it. WHAT IF HE WANTS YOUR SIX-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER OR SON? WHAT IF HE DECIDES TO BEAT, TORTURE, RAPE, OR KILL YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS? WHAT CAN YOU DO? Do you have the skills and tools to stop a hardened street thug? Reflect upon crime reports you have heard about. How could you of handle the home invasion robbery? The rape attempt? A little preparation can give a lot of peace of mind and reduce your chance of being a statistic.

The most AWARE, the most CUNNING, the most PREPARED, and the most capable of adapting to their environment are the ones who survive, not the most brawny.

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